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Effective Running Assistance

Ensure your old country tubular goods are stable and efficient. Whether you need tools to assist in tubular installation for your well or monitoring, let Deep Well Tubular Services, Inc. perform your tubular running and visual inspections on all threaded connections and accessories. Our team will have a representative on the floor to monitor and make sure all the appropriate connections are working efficiently. This service is crucial for when you are installing production casing, liners, and thread inspections.

Shale Drilling

Qualified Tubular Monitoring

You need a qualified and trained person on your well site to ensure your company is following the manufacturers' recommended procedures. We are highly trained by manufacturers in their practices for running their products, and visual inspections as well, and are supported 24/7 by the manufacturing companies. We provide technical data sheets from the manufacturers that can help with installations. These sheets can be requested upon arrival at your location.